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Scalp Micropigmentation Process

Get Your SMP Process with Us At Scalva Hair Solution SMP You Will Have

Our business specializes in scalp micropigmentation. It's a hair tattoo that gives you the appearance of a fuller head when suffering from baldness, alopecia, scars from hair transplant. With special pigments and needles to replicate your hair follicle.

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My role in this new world era is to give you a fuller head with 20yrs of experience in the barber industry. I understand the appearance of your head is important to you. Don’t wait longer give you your confidence back.

Joshua GonzalezSMP Expert

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Established in 2010 as a shop owner called House of Fades with 4 locations around Jacksonville fl. During my years of experience as a barber and tatoo artist I have come accross many clients that suffer from balding. I decided to enter the new era and help my clients overcome their balding with scalp micropigmentation. The results and client stories have been amazing. Fast forward three years and we continue to receive only 5 star reviews from our clients.


At Scalva we take care of your appearance
Thicken The Appearance Of Hair
Add Definition To Your Hairline
Cosmetic Correction

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Our process has been created with the most experience in the industry
Treatment Process

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